Wild About Wednesday Vol. 2

This week’s Wild About Wednesday post is all over the place after a rough start to the week. But I have a few cool things to share with y’all! Hope you enjoy 🙂

  1. Falling in Puppy Love Tunic

    I am not sure how/where I stumbled upon this top, but the minute I saw it I knew I NEEDED IT! I just ordered it today and am eager for it to arrive so I can wear it along side my partner in crime and take pictures with her while being all matchy matchy #twins

  2. Vizsla Personalized Embroidered Beanie

    I sooo wish I had found this beanie before the cold snap in Houston went away or before our holiday spent in NY (now its back up to the usual 70’s in Houston and it sucks because I love cold weather wear but now I can’t wear any of it, grrrr.) Anyway, as I mentioned in last week’s WAW post, Shannon (my brother’s girlfriend) had given me and Steven best vizsla mom/dad shirts but told me about this beanie she considered getting for me at one point. I now understand WHYYYY. BECAUSE ITS SO CUTE. I need it. I could see it being cute with white converse and black jeans and a flannel. But I’m not sure I can get away with all that because it sounds super #hipster to me.

  3. Teakwood & Tobacco Anomie Candle

    I happened to find this scented candle a few years ago, but because of the price tag I never really considered buying a second one. But now that I have a dog, I realize having lovely smelling candles is kind of necessary at times 😉 I bought a second candle from Anomie a few weeks ago, the same scent I originally picked up because I fell in love with it (I barely lit it because I never wanted it to end!) and have been lighting it on the weekend mornings while I’m sipping on my coffee and scrolling through instagram. The candle name gives you a good idea of what the scent is actually like but one of the reasons I love it is because it seems like it has hints of patchouli in it, which I’m obsessed with. I highly recommend!

  4. Celebrating our 3 year anniversary on Sunday

    As of this past Sunday, it’s been 3 years since I went on my first date with Steven. We celebrated with our favorite thing: pizzaaaaa. Every year when our anniversary rolls around we typically get pumped to go to the same restaurant we went to on our first date, BRC Gastropub. Unfortunately it closed down but we wanted to find a place with the same vibe. We went to Crisp, a wine and pizza concept restaurant in the same area. I made sure to go all out and get a flight of IPA’s since I so rarely drink beer, but I have to have it (or wine) when we get pizza; since we don’t have pizza very often it has become a treat and a pairing I cant seem to separate! I swear, Steven asks every week when we meal plan and prep on Sunday’s if we can have pizza for dinners. While this wasn’t my favorite pizza in the world (I’m a New Yorker at heart = NY pizza 4 life) so while thin crust pizza is delish, this just reminded me of those frozen Celeste pizzas you can get from the grocery store.

  5. Spending time with Luna

    The past few work days have been challenging me on a personal level that I haven’t experienced in a while (I plan on writing about this/how to cope in greater detail in an upcoming post). I’m taking on a lot of new opportunities that are requiring me to work longer hours due to the learning curve. So needless to say, more time working = less time dedicated to my Luna girl, not to mention my own mental and physical health (working out, regrouping after a long day, etc.). It’s a big priority for me to make sure I always have the time in the mornings and evenings to walk Luna and spend time playing/loving on her. I’ve felt really bad dog mom guilt not being able to give her the attention she’s used to, so coming home today (and not having to work) and just being able to focus on my pupper was really really great.

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