5 Ways to Get Your Sh!t Together

After celebrating the holidays and being out of a routine or consistent schedule for a while, I started to notice a BIG change in my attitude, body and had this overall sense of bleh going on. I thrive on routine and for some reason getting back into one is really difficult for me. Its funny; because as much as I love routine, the minute I’m off of one and able to take a breath for a minute, I savor it…but I savor it too much. And end up forgetting about and refusing to do the important things. I was sitting around on my butt for so long over the holidays that I forgot what responsibility and schedule looks like and its slowly killing meeeee now that I’m back to work. When I get into a rut of laziness, I still in the back of my mind expect the same results, which is insane. If I’m not putting in the work then I’m not going to see any changes and therefore have no one to blame but myself. So today I’m mentioning a few ways how I regroup when I’m feeling crappy and need to get back into the swing of things slash get my sh!t together and if you find yourself in the same rut these 5 tips may help you too! Progress my friends.

1. Go to bed and & wake up at the same time every work day. I swear to God, when I go to bed at 9:30 PM one night then 11 PM the next I feel like complete garbage when I wake up! I’m really sick of it. My wakeup call is usually the same time every day due to the fact that I have a dog, but the actual time I fall asleep can vary depending on how long I’m on my phone or what tv show is on. Personally, my body craves consistency. So I’m going to try my best so be cognizant of the time I go to bed, and if that means keeping my phone on the opposite side of the room then so be it!

2. Do something active every morning. Most days I will wake up and immediately take Luna for a walk. This walk usually is about 45 minutes but there are some mornings where Luna is just NOT having it and won’t move past the front door. I typically will use that as an excuse to just spend more time on Instagram or reading blogs before going to work but I should be getting my butt out the door to the gym or for a run or even a walk by myself. Just because Luna doesn’t want to exercise doesn’t mean I have that excuse. Plus, after you get moving and get the endorphins going, you feel SO much better throughout the day. Disclaimer here for dog parents who are thinking “WOW WHAT A CRAPPY MOM” for not taking her on a walk: I do my best to figure out why she doesn’t want to walk. Sometimes that requires a bunch of treats and moving slooooowly but there are times where she will turn around on her own and go back home. Homegirl can only do so much.

3. Meal plan & prep on Sundays. This is something Steven and I are really good about but I feel like its important to note it if we are talking about routine and consistency. I actually recently just purchased these cute notepads for meal planning and have started making use of them. Another way we have been staying consistent with this is through Blue Apron. We started doing Blue Apron when we moved in together as a way to be more creative in the kitchen and to save money. Blue Apron sends us 3 meals (one for each of us) that we cook on 3 separate nights. This has allowed us to spend less money at the grocery store because we are no longer buying random crap we don’t need or buying too much of something and it goes to waste. Cooking at home also keeps us healthier because we aren’t eating out as often. So far we have really enjoyed it and we always recommend it to people.

4.  Set Financial Goals. I am constantly checking in on my finances, its something I do on a daily basis however I know not everyone is aware of it. Steven and I use a budgeting app called “You Need A Budget” that we manually enter our income and expenses into. Its tedious, but its worth it. I’m able to see my net worth grow and also track all of my miscellaneous expenses and I am never left wondering “where did my money go????” Before using YNAB I really never knew how much I was spending on going out to lunch or dinner a few times a week. Now I set a budget for every category I spend in and stay within that budget range to hold myself accountable. Since I’ve mastered the basics, I want to be more aware of investing opportunities and trending so that I am sure my money is performing its best for me. Steven is pretty financially savvy and sometimes when he gets going I’m sitting there like Charlie Brown listening to his teacher. All that being said, I want to push myself to reach bigger goals. So I’m going to do my best to ask more questions, google more, and LEARN about ways I can be more effective to reach my goals.

5. Be more productive/intentional with your downtime. I could sit in front of the tv for hours mindlessly binging Netflix. Its a real addiction. This year I’m doing my best to stop and make more of an effort to do something productive with my time as opposed to scrolling the Explore tab on Instagram. Don’t get me wrong, some cool stuff can pop up on, but once I start, I look at the time and realize 2+ hours has gone by. And whats more disappointing is that I had set out to initially to read a book or do some blog research and I accomplished nothing. I think setting a timer for stuff like this is a good way to check in with yourself and to ensure you’re still taking care of the goals you had that day.

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  1. I love this!! Keep up the awesome work girl 💕

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