It has been exactly one year since I adopted my furry love bug from BARC and I couldn’t be happier with the decision I made to bring her home. I had heard of the term Gotcha Day on a few occasions; from people who adopted children and were not informed of their biological birthday’s and instead celebrate the day they brought them home/officially adopted them, and also from fellow pupper parents, since its unlikely that you’ll know your adopted dogs actual age if they were a stray. I was told Luna’s birthday was 1/14/2015 but who knows for sure.

To celebrate the anniversary of Luna’s homecoming, I decided to spoil her with a few thangz.

As mentioned in my Dog’s favorite Puzzle Toy post from a few weeks back, the Gamechanger is a favorite of Luna’s. She goes HAM when she sees it at our friends’ house so I knew I needed to get her one of her own. I also got her a Benebone! (we learned about both of these dog toys through our doggy buddies Oliver, Tobie and Rylie so I can’t take the credit here).

And I can’t forget to mention this tee I picked up from The Daily Tay (I happened to win a Christmas giveaway from her Facebook page in December, and found her Etsy page from there with a ton of great t-shirt goodies, check ’em out!).


Since Luna is currently undergoing treatment for heartworms, we don’t have any crazy party plans nor any visits to the park in our immediate future as she needs to stay calm to avoid any complications. But I’m sure we will make up for that when we are done with the treatment in 2 months! Nonetheless, I wanted to make sure I gave thanks to Luna today for the stuff she’s taught me over the last 12 months. She has taught me so MUCH since the day I met her. Things that I really needed to work on (just ask Steven). Something my friend Travis had expressed to me during the period of time when he was pestering me on the daily to get a dog, was that having a dog would teach me a lot and force me to grow up. BOY OH BOY this is so true. Pre-Luna, I was really impatient and just living in my own world. I obviously try my best to compromise and put others first (living with someone else makes you learn compromise quicker than you would probably have if you lived alone forever) but its easy to fall into a rut when you’re not forced to focus your energy on someone (or something) that truly needs you. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a little selfish and impatient (Steven can vouch for that one) because its just in my nature, but Luna has taught me how to focus less on myself and more on others.


    The minute I had Luna in the backseat of my car on the way home from the shelter, my life had changed (obviously for the better). But I had no idea just how much it would change, to the point where I already was driving 20 mph under the speed limit that day because I was worried my driving would be too fast for her. Once I had this new life form dependent on me, for uh y’know, staying alive, I was forced to become way less focused on me. I started putting a lot (if not all) of my free time and energy on giving Luna the best quality of life: I research every treat and food brand I feed her; I make sure to give her praise for just being her because that’s what a crazy dog mom does; I check in on her every chance I get when she’s napping to make sure she’s cozy; take her on a walk in the rain (when she lets me). These may sound like normal daily tasks for y’all who have dogs, but this was a legit new life for me. I may sometimes go overboard in this department because I’m obsessive about making sure I’m giving Luna what she needs to be happy and healthy, but if we focus on the positive, I’ve grown to put more effort into others around me. I can’t talk about this without mentioning how adopting a dog has also opened my eyes to see all the homeless dogs in the world who need love, too. I wish I could adopt every dog that needs a home, but considering thats not logical or reasonable (at the moment), I donate when I can to help the other dogs in need.


    I’m sure many of you can relate to the scenario of asking someone to do something for you, they either a) wait too long to begin or b) aren’t doing a good enough job and you probably said to yourself “I’ll just do it myself.” *raises hand* This is me every day of my life. Patience is something I’m working on and probably will have to every day forever. It’s really frustrating that she can’t tell me what she needs but that’s reality. So learning Luna’s personality and training her has been a test of my patience. She can be quite stubborn and my immediate reaction is to get frustrated, but she is just as confused as I am. I’ve learned that patience with her goes a long way for both of us.

The past year has been a big learning curve for me, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Cheers to one great year and many more to come with my Luna girl!

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