Quirky Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Lets be real for a hot sec. The only real gift I want on Valentine’s day is chocolate. All of it. But I will admit that sometimes its nice to receive a more thoughtful gift. I typically tell Steven that I want chocolate and flowers, keep it simple. Chocolate is my love language. Then one year out of nowhere he surprised me with a pasta making attachment for my KitchenAid mixer which was the bomb dot com. The following year I reciprocated with an Anova Sous Vide, but that was just too much for what’s meant to be a small-ish holiday celebration for us, nothing extravagant. So I started putting together a little gift bag with some dress socks from Express and his favorite candy and that was a hit. Anyway, I put together a little gift guide for that special person in your life, aka our dogs (lol ok and human significant others who are important, too). Let me know in the comments if you have any other cute Valentine’s day gift ideas! PS be prepared for my overly zealous use of the word “cute” in this post.

  • Vizsla Casetify iPhone Case ($40) I just found this phone case and I’ve already decided I’m never using a new phone case for the rest of my life after I get this one. I need it. Casetify is known for their artsy phone case designs, and when I found a few version with French Bulldogs and German Short Haired Pointers, I was desperate to find a version of the Vizsla. Too cute. I was hoping for an upclose version of the Vizsla, but the closest thing I could find was this one of a Dachshund, close enough!
  • Sit & Stay Pillows ($88) Who doesn’t love a new throw pillow? I love the look of these pillows and think they’d be a great gift for a dog parent who loves some home decor.
  • Binge Watching Survival Kit ($20) This little netflix binge kit is super cute. I would know because I’m a pro at binge watching anything on Netflix. Maybe you could even throw in a cute popcorn bucket and make a date night out of it. You and your furry friend (or significant other, but lets not lie to ourselves shall we?) can cuddle up on the couch and watch some movies celebrating your love <3
  • Vizsla Mug ($55) This mug is pretty quirky and very different from all mugs I’ve seen before! I love getting up on the weekends and enjoying my coffee while catching up with Luna on how her morning has been so far and this mug would be perfect. There are also other breeds available too. And hey, if you’re feeling adventurous you could take the pup to Starbucks for a puppuccino and bring your mug along!
  • Petcube ($199) Do you ever go to work or leave the house for 5 minutes to get the mail and want to be able to see what your dog is up to? ITS NOW POSSIBLE, PEOPLE. Petcube will allow you to see a video stream of what your dog doing at home via and app on your phone, and you can also communicate with your pup, too!
  • Rescued Wine Candle ($25) These soy wax candles are not only a great gift but also a good way to give back. A portion of your purchase will go to a rescue to support dogs in need of finding a home.
  • Pop Your Pup! (prices vary) My friend Fiona told me about this site a while ago and I thought it was awesome! You can upload a photo of your dog to a website and select a color scheme or premade background to create a pop art t-shirt, painting, calendar etc. The preselected backgrounds of donuts and pineapples are so cute, and they have fashionable options for the apparel section.
  • What I Love About You Today Notepad ($6.75) These notepads are really thoughtful if you are more of a writer of feelings than showing them. It’s always nice to be able to look back at them too! And if you have a darker sense of humor you could go with these Things You Do That Really Piss Me Off notepads ($9). I know Steven would totally appreciate these since I never complain, like ever, and he probably wants to know all of the things he can improve on.
  • Vizsla Tie ($42) This Vizsla themed tie is perfect for any Vizsla dad you know. Personally, I’d be wearing this to every important event in my life.
  • Calendar of Instagram Photos ($29) A calendar of pictures of you and your sweetie is a great idea for someone who likes to plan and actually use a calendar but its way more thoughtful than buying a calendar from a kiosk in the mall, right?! If I got a calendar filled with photos of Luna I think I’d perpetually be living in the year of that calendar for the rest of my life.
  • Wrinkly Dog Soap ($6) Considering this soap is adorable, I would probably never end up using it but its still a really creative gift!
  • Custom Coordinate Bracelet ($49) This bracelet is such a sweet idea if you are a hopeless romantic and like to commemorate phases of your relationship. You could get the coordinates of where you met, got engaged, married, adopted your pup etc. engraved and even have a little message on the underside!
  • Heart Snapshot Mix from Minted (varies based on frame options and sizing) I LOVE Minted products. The frames are beautiful and they even have some vintage type options that give your framed photos a old love type feel. This heart collage is adorable, too, and I think it would be great to use for an anniversary present as well, filling up the photos with pictures of special moments with your boo or puppuccino over the year(s).
  • Friendship Collar ($35) OMG I NEED THIS. This friendship bracelet and dog collar combo is quite honestly one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. I’m all about finding ways to be twinners with Luna, and this is on my to-do list. I’m especially loving the “Puppy Love” version! Perfect for Valentine’s day!
  • Zuke’s Mini Naturals Hearts ($4.63) You didn’t think I was going to get through an entire post without a Valentine’s gift for my dog, did you? HELL no. I love Zuke’s treats and these heart treats are so dang cute (and a good, healthy option) for a dog treat made specially for Valentine’s day. Also, the flavor?? Peanut butter and cherries? Sounds delish. Not that I’d be eating them. But Luna is a garbage disposal and would eat anything, so I know she’d love them, too.

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