Wild About Wednesday Vol. 5

Sometimes on my way home from work I get a real hankering for ice cream. Well, its not just when I’m on my way home, more like every day of my life. I’ll occasionally ask Steven to pick some up for me on his way home from work and on the rare occasion he obliges, I see the clouds part and God’s light shines down on my face and the angels start singing. That’s how much I love ice cream. I spent most of today day dreaming about baking chocolate chip cookies and making an ice cream sandwich. And it was TOTES WORTH IT.

Don’t let anyone tell you that can’t do something. If you wanna bake cookies, bake cookies. K?! K. It may seem like the only thing I’m wild about today is junk food, and while that is accurate there are still a few other items of interest I wanna share today so here we go:

Snickerdoodles! // This recipe to be exact. For the longest time in my life I was like “no way I hate snickerdoodles” and boycotted them because they have no chocolate in them, and I don’t have room for non chocolate baked goods in my life. But recently Steven baked these and threw some extra balls of dough in the freezer for a rainy day and we baked a couple a few weeks ago, and holy bejesus I love them. They use half coconut oil/half butter instead of ALL butter and maybe that’s why I really enjoyed them (big coconut fan).

Rapping about random things. // I have developed an annoying habit (but lets just call it what it is, a talent) of picking random things/individuals in the apartment to rap about. More often than not I’m rhyming “Luna likes to lick the floor” with “she’s a whore” and maybe a little diddy here and there about Steven when I want to harass him #blessed. I’m pretty sure I’m the next Tupac.

Athleta City Joggers.  // I’m going to wear these every day for the rest of my life when they finally arrive. I am a big fan of athleisure, anything close enough to pajama status gets an A+ in my book.

I’m with you, Winona.

lol wut #samewinona #dogpeople

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Chewy.com.  // Um, hello. How did I not know this website existed and sold our dog food cheaper than anywhere else? I must be living under a rock. I was able to get Luna a buffalo horn, a bag of her favorite Wellness Turkey & Duck treats and our dog food (Taste of the Wild) for $60. A real steal. I’ve also heard Chewy.com has amazing customer service, worth it in my book!

Boop my nose.  // This doesn’t need an explanation. The link is enough.

A kid who just gives zero f*cks. // I want to be reincarnated as this little girl. The sass is just through the roof. Love it.

Luna wanted me to tell y’all to get off your phones and play with your dogs, mmkay?


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