Wild About Wednesday Vol. 6

Another hump day is here, my friends, and we are only 2 short days away from the weekend. I was telling a coworker today how I can’t wait to retire so I can sit at home every day like I do on the weekends: wake up late, work out for an hour, walk the dog and then plop myself on the couch for 8 hours and scroll through instagram until its time for dinner. It sounds boring and unfulfilling but right now that is the season of life I want to be in indefinitely #couchpotatoforlife #judgeme

Modern Family // this tv show makes me laugh so hard. I hadn’t been keeping up with it and part of me is glad I didn’t because now I can binge the remaining episodes in this season and lol myself to sleep.

Valentine’s day desserts to drool over  // I had to stop after making it only halfway through this list. Too delicious. Can’t handle it. I have zero self control with desserts. Those cookies I baked last week? I think I gave 4 away, Steven had 5 or so and I made sure to have 3 cookies for breakfast 2 days in a row. Totally normal.

Casetify Vizsla iPhone case! // I mentioned this phone case in my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide and you can bet your bum that I got one for myself. I’m obsessed with it and its everything I ever wanted. Luna wasn’t too thrilled with it though. Her face is saying “but that’s not me!?”


Gals Best Friend // I found this blog through randomly exploring instagram and I’m so glad I did. They are big advocates for #adoptdontshop and they have the cutest dogs, which of course have their own instagram accounts. Not to mention, Luna and I just won a Plato Pet Treats giveaway they hosted. We love Plato soooo yippee!

Searching through old photos // When I was going through my dropbox file for a particular photo recently, I stumbled upon this bad boy. This gives you a little insight into my life. Its too difficult trying to get Luna to take a photo let alone a selfie. I need to get one of these bad boys if I want to be successful.


Wishing I could be as lazy as this puppy every day

How I feel most/all of the time. #literallythatsyou Original vid via @charlestown_charlie

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