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I think Thursdays are my new favorite day of the week. I used to crave Fridays like it was nobody’s business but for some reason Thursdays are just my jam now. Occasionally Thursdays will consist of happy hour with my friend, Kellie (who is a disappointed that I haven’t mentioned her on the blog yet so for now she will remain faceless but at least you have a name) other times I’ll come home from work and pour myself a glass of vino, cook dinner with Steven and literally not give a flying F about anything. I used to have every other Friday off but recently started working every Friday because of some additional responsibilities so I’m not really stressed about Fridays like I am Monday through Thursday. So by the time Thursday 5PM rolls around, I’m ready to turn on the lazy song, take my bra off and binge watch some tv.

I didn’t post my normal Wild About Wednesday post this week for a few reasons. I went HAM on the blog posts on Tuesday because I was hella emotional and just needed to write it out, so two blog posts in a day was enough to carry over to the next day IMO. Not to mention, Luna had her second round of heart-worm treatment on Wednesday morning and it had been a stressful and exhausting day for me. May or may not have cried on the way to work listening to Adele even though it has no correlation to Luna but I JUST FELT LIKE IT. And now I can’t listen to Adele when she comes on because I think about Luna being sad and going to the vet. Its ruined. But for real, I get anxiety thinking about getting Luna ready to go for a car ride, knowing she has no idea where we are headed and will be confused and sad when she realizes we are at the vet and not at the park or her doggy buddies’ house to play. I also get stressed thinking about the commitment that it is to keep a hyper dog as calm as possible for 4 weeks. Yay. After I picked her up yesterday, she was crying and a real zombie from her meds – really depressing, and the last thing I wanted to do was write a blog post when I could be cuddling and loving on her.

I know I’ve discussed heart-worm disease on the blog before but I thought since we are smack dab in the middle of it all, I’d give you lovely people an update and any tips I can from the whole process. Trying to keep a playful dog calm over 4 weeks is tiring and you gotta get creative!

  • Training
    • Whenever I am super tired and can’t/won’t walk Luna, we work on training. I’ll run through the basics that she’s already familiar with (sit, down, stay, etc.) but challenge her to try them in different areas of the apartment or change up my position relative to her. Or of course I will try to teach her something brand new (shake, roll over) because getting her to focus on learning something new is confusing and tiring for their little brains and ultimately tires them out. We recently tries challenging her to lay on the rug in the living room when we are eating dinner, as opposed to sticking her head in my lap, begging for food. While there may have been a huge puddle of drool on the rug, she was tired afterwards because “staying” and waiting for even a few minutes at a time until I release her can be an activity in and of itself for a dog.
  • Games
    • This one is my fav. We like to play Go-Find in our house, and after 10 rounds or so Luna will be all Bye Felicia and retreat to her bed because she’s pooped. How do you play “Go-Find” you ask? I had to train Luna to play this game but all you really need to do is start by throwing treats on the ground and telling your dog to “go find” the treat. Eventually they’ll associate their action of looking for the treat with “go find” and you can hide the treats and tell them to find them! We have graduated to staying where I tell her to, while I put the treats inside a toy she’s familiar with (a small treat or a couple pieces of kibble alone would be difficult to find, because she’s a sight hound and not a scent hound), and hide the toy somewhere at either eye-level or on the ground. Sometimes I’ll put it on a windowsill or behind the leg of the table. Basically anywhere directly out of sight. The first few rounds we put it in obvious places so she got the picture, but now that she’s got the hang of it its fun to hide it all over the damn place!
  • Puzzle Toys
    • I’ve talked about these bad boys before but I’m tellin’ ya people, if you don’t have puzzle toys in your life, GO GET ONE. Our favorite lately has been the Gamechanger. It can occupy Luna’s time for an hour or so, she’ll go nap, then come back to it later on.
  • Slow, short walks with lots of sniffs
    • Something I learned from another dog-obsessed friend is that dog’s are mentally stimulated when they smell things. Its a natural inclination for us to tell our dogs to stop sniffing sh!t outside on walks because we are trying to continue on the walk. But in reality your dog is getting just as tired exploring and sniffing around as you’d think she is by physically walking. I don’t know the actual numbers like % wise how much more tired they’d be with each activity, but you get the point. I’ve been taking Luna (toward the end of the 4 weeks after each treatment shot) on a short walk, maybe quarter to half a mile and go super slow letting her sniff whatever we wants. We have to be outside anyway until she decides to poop so might as well tire her brain out while we are out there.
  • Antlers
    • If Luna was an active hunting dog I don’t think she would be able to keep it in her pants if she saw a deer in real life. I’m basing this on the fact that when I give her an antler to chew on, she bubbles from the mouth in excitement. I’d say these keep her occupied for OW-ERRS. HOUUURSSS, I’m serious. I sometimes have to take it away so that she doesn’t chew the whole thing up in one sitting, because she will if I let her.

The cool thing about a lot of the items above is that some of them are FREE. Free is always better. Hope y’all enjoy your Thirsty Thursday!

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