Swinging into Spring

Is anyone else ready for spring and summer to be here? I’m a sucker for winter when I travel home to New York for Christmas and love to cozy up inside under a blanket to watch the snow. Hell, I’ll even go as far as to go outside for a walk to the enjoy the snow since I don’t get to see it so often. But I literally can’t stand being cold which is funny because I’m always cold. I even got a heated blanket for Christmas because everyone knows I’m ALWAYS complaining about being cold. So I am welcoming spring with open arms. I love the warmer months (more so in New York compared to Texas) because I don’t need to be so bundled up and cover up my outfit with a bug bulky coat and can enjoy mixing up my wardrobe a bit more.

One of my favorite trends to jump back into is the swing and shift dresses. I’ve never found a swing dress that I didn’t like. If you’re anything like me and love food, the swing dress was made for you. Who wants to be wearing a tight fitting dress or high-waisted jeans to a brunch when she plans to eat #allthefood? Um, not me. Plus, I am all about finding comfy and transitional pieces like this simple black swing dress because it can be applicable for so many different occasions. On this particular day, Steven and I had gone to brunch with a friend of his that was in town and we knew we wanted to enjoy the beautiful day and eventually made our way to Rice University for a stroll. Any time I think we may be wandering around for a while, I wear my converse. I love these things. Prob one of the best presents Steven’s got me (thx boo) because they’re perfect for anything from athleisure, jeans or even a dress like this.

I tend to gravitate to neutral colored pieces most often for my casual stuff like weekend clothes. I go shopping and when I’m about to check out I realize my entire cart is filled with black, white, grey, beige, etc. So I try my best to find floral or colored pieces like this scarf from J.Crew or a pair of earrings to bring in a pop of color to my life. I wish the I had thought to grab the Madewell Fleet Jacket to go with it this outfit though because I think it would look super cute and add a touch of color.

While we’re on the topic of Spring, I’d like to add that we will soon get to enjoy sunshine a little bit earlier each morning. I love waking up to sunshine instead of darkness and I’m so ready for that. I’m also pumped to be able to enjoy some walks with Luna while the weather is perfectly cool and not yet humid and disgusting 🙂 Being able to go run my errands early in the day and come home to walk Luna without having to change because its so hot out is a blessing. Once Summer (aka sweat central) is here I end up needing to have on only dry wicking work out apparel sooo I’m going to do my best to fit in as many outfits like this for our outings and walks as I can before June hits us. I’ve linked y’all with some similar looks at the bottom of the post if you are interested in any of the pieces seen here. Happy almost spring!!!

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