Wild About Wednesday Vol. 8

I am so dang excited for this time next week…because Luna will officially be done with her heart worm treatment! Back to normal life! If you aren’t familiar with heart worms and what the treatment entails you can read about it here, but basically for the last 60 days (oof) Luna has had to be confined to an apartment unless for a potty break. So its been an uneventful couple of months. Homegirl is so ready to go back to our daily walk routine, as am I.

This made me smile.

Ruffwear Sun Shower Dog Raincoat // Does anyone else have a dog that isn’t a big fan of rain? Luna doesn’t mind going outside if its drizzling but if she hears the rain dripping off the gutters outside and its loud, she knows its not just drizzling and will turn right back around to go back into the apartment. I’ve tried using an umbrella to coax her out into the rain but she hasn’t really let me show her long enough that it will keep her dry, PLUS its not my fav method bc that means I have to carry the umbrella during our walk. I’ve been debating getting one of these Ruffwear raincoats for her because hey, why not?

The people of Instagram just get me.

Breakfast Slacking // I’m not necessarily “wild” about THIS but I do love breakfast and I have been feeling seriously unmotivated in the breakfast department lately. Nothing sounds appetizing, but I know I need to have breakfast. Typically for the sake of time I’ll throw together a smoothie with espresso or cold brew (or my fav Califia XX Espresso Almond Milk Blend) with a frozen banana, chocolate protein powder and almond butter but I need a break from it after a month straight of the same thing every day. I bought some cereal today, and had chia pudding yesterday morning but that’s only because all other breakfast options like savory (eggs or bacon with toast) don’t sound that great either. Ice cream sounds good though. HELP ME.

Morning Glory Muffins // I’m not usually a big fan of actually baking muffins or cupcakes myself because I’m lazy and it involves too many steps BUT I will say that I’m glad I made these muffins that Julie over at PB Fingers shared last week. She shared a recipe from a local Charlotte bakery and its delish. Mine kind of crumbled when I took a bite but they tasted awesome imo.  Not sure why mine didn’t turn out as pretty as hers but oh well.

Gap Bomber Jacket // Just ordered this pretty little thing and I am pumped to share it with y’all in an upcoming fashion post!

60 Different Ice Creams // Food52 is putting out an ice cream themed cookbook and in preparation prepared a ton of different recipes. I wish I could make that my full time job. Apparently if you work at Ben & Jerry’s you can bring home 3 free pints a day????? And you can bring your dog?????

(via GIPHY)

Literally need to work there. Basically anywhere that I can get benefits and 401k matching and free ice cream + dogs has my name written all over it. I actually just had some of B&J’s Milk & Cookies flavor this past weekend and it reminded me that ice cream is my one true love #noshame.

What are y’alls fav flavors?!?!?! I’m not just partial to Ben & Jerry’s, I’ll eat any ice cream.

Enjoy your hump day!


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