Wild About Wednesday Vol. 9

I am so determined to get this latest WAW post out before the night is over! I have had a hard time finding the time to post lately with work and adjusting to Luna’s new schedule again (since we are done with Heart worm treatment!!!!) but I am trying to make a better effort to write/post because it makes me happy but also because I have so much to say and no one ever wants to listen to me in real life (just kidding. Well actually I don’t know, my friends would probably agree with that). Between last week and this week, there are a handful of things I’ve stumbled upon and wanted to share. Hope you guys enjoy this week’s Wild About Wednesday! 🙂

How to Be More Productive // I read this article last week when I was feeling pretty overwhelmed with all of the things I needed to get done between work, blog and life in general. My friend Travis and another blogger I follow, Jen at Peanut Butter Runner, had shared a similar idea on how to make the most out of the 24 hours we get in each day. The idea is to be as productive as possible by assigning an allotted amount of time for various areas of life; think health/exercise, eating/food prep, reading/blogging, spending time loved ones, etc. You will need to prioritize those categories that are most important to you (aka sleep for me) and identify how many hours you have leftover after all the “necessary” stuff is taken care of. That wiggle room is what will keep you sane.

Cadbury Egg Brownies // I am a sucker for all things junk food. These made me drool. I need them.

Best Bakery in Every State // New life goal, go to every single one.

Paw Print Ice cube Tray // I’ve been wanting to grab one of these things so I can start making homemade greek yogurt, peanut butter or coconut oil treats for Luna that I can grab from the freezer after a hot summer walk. I’ve seen a butterfly version too, but this paw print one is so adorable!! I also found this recipe which seems easy enough. I know Luna will love it!

Favorite Dog Apps for the Modern Dog Mom // I have already expressed my love for this unique and minimalist blog all about dogs but they always share things that are new to me. This in particular! I had no idea how many dog mama apps were out there. My top fav so far is Bark Happy. I hate having to go to multiple different sites to see if restaurants or stores allow dogs, so its convenient that this app serves as a one stop shop for that! Also Fitbark sounds so fun too! I am a huge data nerd and love my own Fitbit and seeing how many steps I can get in a day, so of course I love the idea of getting a fitbit of sorts for my pup, too! I’d spend way too much time on that app though!

What to put on your dogs tags // When I got Luna’s first set of tags, I put her name and my contact info. When I got a second collar, I forgot to put her name entirely and just put my own name and everyone made fun of me. So when a friend sent me this article I felt a little better knowing that I’m not the only one who didn’t include their dog’s name on the tags (if by accident or not)! I did eventually buy a nameplate with her name, my phone number, and city/state, but it is good to know from other people’s experience, what the most appropriate items are. I hate that there’s even a small chance even that someone could take advantage of your dog by using the name on the tags to lure them in and steal them, so that is something to keep in mind if you are planning on getting the typical dog tag with the giant name on the front.

Vizsla Socks // Please do not tell Steven, but I got him these socks. And by him, I mean me. I wish I had found these back when I did my Valentine’s day gift guide, because these are a perfect gift for a Vizsla mom (or dad)!

Is there anything anyone out there is crazy about this week? I’m always interested to read new or thought provoking articles when I find them on reddit, but everything lately is so heavily political that I find myself not reading anything. If you have a good site with some quality articles or fun and smile-worthy photos, please send them my way!




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