5 annoying dog habits and how I fixed them

I have immense respect for all the people in the world who have patience. Like even a drop of it because I have none. I also have a tendency to over react to basically everything and assume the world is coming to an end so, yeah. Props to all the people who have actual human children and not just dog children because I basically will be unable to handle life when I have real human offspring that are dependent on me. Especially when they decide to puke on things and poop in their pants. I ain’t about that life right now. I don’t even like picking up Luna’s poop and I have to do it twice a day. These are not necessarily annoying dog habits, but if I have to deal with that on a daily basis then the extra stuff that really grinds my gears isn’t gonna cut it.

When I first brought Luna home, that little butthead peed on the couch, jumped on the counter, whined all night long, chewed holes in the carpet, the list goes on and on. I figured since I’m in such a peppy mood today I would share some of our annoying dog habits and how I took care of them because I’m a sucker for equilibrium and don’t want any of my friends out there to have to put up with any BS from their dogs 😉 I’m sure a lot of this will apply to boyfriends, too (hehe).

So lets get to it shall we?! Below I’ve detailed the top 5 most annoying dog habits we experienced and a few quick tips on fixing them!

1 | Counter surfing

K so bless my trainer’s heart for teaching me the almighty move of the “body block.” Its probably the most simple training method I’ve learned. You just need to put your body between your dog and the object or person they are attempting to jump up on. This physical barrier taught Luna how the counter was my area, not hers, and her jumping up onto it wasn’t acceptable. I see so many people complain about their dog jumping on people and they just stand there and yell at their dog. Dude, stop. Literally use your junk in the trunk and block that dog! #bodyblock. We use that phrase all the time at home just when we get in each other’s way, its catchy. This article with additional tips from Rover-Time are also useful especially if you have a smart and stubborn dog who likes to purposely do things they shouldn’t to get your attention.

2 | Making the couch her home

I don’t know about you, but the minute I get home from work and am ready to relax, I want nothing more than to sit my happy butt on the couch. At one point Luna thought the couch was her throne. She would jump right onto it and make herself oh so cozy and while it was adorable, she sometimes peed on it and took up too much space and she’s a mix between a rock and a wet noodle; impossible to move when resting or sleeping. Long story short, I just couldn’t deal with her on the couch for much longer. I started making the floor a “high reward zone” so that Luna started to associate excitement and treats with the floor space as opposed to the couch. It worked! Luna now will only get up on the couch when we invite her (which is when I’m looking for extra cuddles and have a bit more patience to deal with her taking up all the space).

3 | Pulling on the leash

I get so frustrated when Luna pulls on the leash. AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT. I started carrying treats with me on our walks very early on and now I swear by it, specifically because the treats help me keep her attention more often than pulling toward her latest item of interest. If I had a dollar for every time I say “Luna” on our walks in an attempt to get her to look me in the eye, I’d be rich af. But that eye contact is key to getting her to feel rewarded for looking at me when I ask her to, and therefore she is less likely to pull when she get distracted and more likely to direct her attention to yours truly!! She still pulls occasionally so this is one of those things you have to have a lot of patience with and need to work on during every single walk. It can get tiring but its worth it when you’re not being dragged down the sidewalk by your dog.

4 | Chewing on things that are not hers

The second night I had Luna home, she chewed up the fancy box that Steven’s Harry Potter book collection came in. Needless to say Steven wasn’t very pleased, and I was disappointed because I knew she’d be a chewer after all. Anyway, our fix to this was to start using a disruptive sound (we use “eh eh” but in a high pitch voice of sorts) that will grab Luna’s attention and distract her from the chewing. We now use this queue for basically everything she does that we don’t want her doing and it usually works. But you need to be consistent with the sound of the disruptive queue so that you’re creating a pattern for the dog; they will hear it and now know to step back and stop what they are doing.

5 | Whining

Yeahhh I haven’t quite fixed this one yet, sorry. If I’m sitting on the couch or at the dinner table Luna usually has her head resting on my knee or is pawing at me to pay attention to her, all while whining. I started getting really fed up with this because even out right ignoring her wasn’t working. Our trainer’s tip to fix this was to encourage Luna to go to her crate when she’s whining. At first I didn’t like the idea of this because it made me feel like I was punishing her as opposed to figuring out whats actually wrong. But soon thereafter I realized its just a way to get Luna to go to her “safe space” to relax and stop stressing. Lo and behold, it usually works (when she wants to listen and go to her crate). I relate it to a teenager who is arguing with her parents. She gets annoyed with them because they told her she can’t do something (insert long list of things teenagers want to do but can’t) and so she immediately goes to her bedroom and slams the door shut because its her “space”.

I was joking with a friend earlier today about the subject of this post, and its funny because while a majority of Luna’s annoyances have been taken care of, I don’t think I’ll ever fix all of them. She’s gonna be a whiner for life. It’s hard to get upset with the whining though when she looks like this!!

Have any of your dogs had any extremely annoying habits?

How did you fix them? 

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