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Happy Monday everyone! Said literally no one ever. As I was writing this post I actually thought it was Tuesday, and had to go back and edit it to make sure I noted it was Monday. On Thursday I’ll be heading to the Big Apple with my friend Kellie to show her the beauty and deliciousness that is the New York City scenery and food scene. I’m super eager to get the week over with so that we can enjoy our long weekend and shove our faces with junk food. I’m sure the next two days will go at a snail’s pace now that I have something to look forward to. Such is life. In the mean time I am just keeping myself busy with Luna girl. I am grateful that she is able to go on walks again now because I could use the extra walks to justify the gluttonous weekend that is to come.

If you’ve never been to New York City before, you’re probably aware of the walkability of the city. Yes, you have the option to take the subway or cabs, but with nice weather its definitely worth walking everywhere (within reason) to really soak up the city. That being said, you gotta be comfy! I think I’ve mentioned this like 500x so far in my past fashion posts, but comfort with my clothing is a huge deal to me especially when I’m traveling. Since I have some packing to do for this upcoming trip, I knew right off the bat that I wanted to pack all the items featured in this post for that exact reason. Pocket tees and comfy jeans are all I need. Even the booties are comfortable enough to walk around in for a short while.

When I first found this pocket tee from Madewell I wasn’t really sure how I felt about it. I’m super picky about my t-shirts because I hated when they looked too boxy or short, not the mention too deep of a V. But I’ve come to embrace the look of the slouchy t-shirt since it pairs so well with high-waisted jeans or shorts and even a simple look like this can be dressed up with minimalist pieces, like a pendant necklace or simple studs seen here. Probably should consider buying stock in Madewell, considering 75% of this outfit is from there.

I love this tee so much that its to the point where I don’t want to wear any other t-shirt for any occasion. I made the mistake of wearing this top when eating crawfish this past weekend and now the white one is stained, so looks like I’ll need to take a trip to the mall soon!

I started compiling a list of fun places to eat and things to see in New York since it is Kellie’s first time, and plan to put together a post recapping our favorite spots when we get back, but so far all I can think about is the list of dessert spots! Just to name a few…

  • Momofuku Milk Bar | I’m dying to try their cereal milk soft serve ice-cream!
  • Magnolia Bakery | Delicious cupcakes and they are known for their bread pudding
  • Levain Bakery | Every time I go to NYC (which is twice a year) I tell myself I need to go here for their famous chocolate chip cookies, and every time without fail I forget to go!
  • Doughnut Plant | No words for how delish their donuts look
  • Ice and Vice | I’ve seen their ice-cream on Instagram and every time I scroll past it I take a double take.

I’ve linked you the pieces seen above if they’ve sparked your interest!

Anyone taking any fun trips soon? 

If you have any dessert or restaurant recommendations in New York City please let me know in the comments!



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