Wild About Wednesday Vol. 10

Love starting my mornings on a long [humid] walk with my pupper! 2 mile walk under my belt to get the day started is fine by me. I actually enjoy it for more than the exercise; I appreciate using the time to think and slowly “wake up”…I’m slightly a morning person? most of the time I’ll hop out of bed and ready to go but occasionally (especially on week days when I feel like 5:15 AM has come too soon, yet again) will need some time to gather my thoughts. I feel like most mornings I can’t produce coherent sentences until I’ve gotten our walk in or had my coffee.

I try to prep for these posts earlier in the week so that I’m not feeling overwhelmed to find interesting stuff to share last minute. This week I found a bunch of fun things I want to share with y’all. Hope you like this weeks version of Wild About Wednesday!

Jimmy Fallon Challenges Fans To Find ‘Punniest’ Dads | This reminds me of the all the embarrassing dad jokes my own dad spewed over the years. I was laughing my butt off reading these!

The Night Sky | I’m kind of a gift-giving master and I take pride in finding rare and sentimental ways to show my friends and family that I care. When I found this site that creates a representation of the night sky’s and its constellations on any given date, I knew I wanted to get one for Steven at some point. Considering he never reads my blog I figured it doesn’t matter if I share the idea here. I’m actually just testing him to see if he will bring it up and then I will know he is reading my blog. I’m such a great girlfriend.

New York City | I already mentioned I’d be heading to NYC this week with my girl friend, Kellie, but I can’t contain my excitement at this point and wanted to share it again! I went to grab a few things (clothes, obvi) just in case 🙂

WTF, did y’all know Jane Fonda is 79 years old? HOW is that possible? I mean she obviously took care of herself over the years by exercising and eating right, and genetics definitely are playing a part, but heck, I better look that young at 79. Actually I wanna look like Christy Brinkley at 63. That woman looks no older than 40, like what?

Double Chocolate Chip Banana Bread | 100% will be baking this next weekend and eating the entire thing in one sitting because I have no self control.

This scene from Parks & Recreation will forever go down as one of my faves. I guess any scene with puppies. Like this one from HIMYM.

Because you can never have too many pictures of dogs, right? Luna love getting her head scratched. Sometimes she will go over to Steven while he’s sitting at his computer desk and will stick her head under the arm rest to get some head scratches.

T-minus 2 days until Friday, everyone. We will make it, I promise!

PS if anyone is looking to help support a friend in her attempt to raise money for Alzheimers, please check out the link below!

Blondes vs. Brunettes: Powder Puff Team Raising Funds for Alzheimers Association

The little blurb on their site about the fundraiser is below:

“Women are at the epicenter of the Alzheimer’s epidemic. Nearly two-thirds of the Americans living with Alzheimer’s – and more than 60 percent of Alzheimer’s and dementia caregivers – are women.  It’s time to take action by taking the field!

Please support my participation in RivALZ, an event bringing women together in an exhibition flag football game aimed towards fundraising towards Alzheimer’s research and awareness. Your donation will advance the care, support and research efforts of the Alzheimer’s Association.”
I hope you consider donating, and if not just sending positive vibes or prayers to those affected by this disease would be appreciated. Bye y’all!
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