Rainy (yet delish) New York City Weekend

Hello hello! It has been entirely way too long since I’ve been here, mainly because I traveled last weekend with one of my girl friend’s to show her around my all time favorite city, New York! And upon my return back to Houston I’ve been enjoying relaxation a little too much. I’ve gotten my fair share of puppy cuddles in and I think its about time I got a post up again! It was a rainy New York City Weekend, but it was still a blasty blast. We made our way through a “food tour” of sorts since seeing the sights wasn’t going to fit in the agenda due to the weather. I’m glad that we focused on food because it gave us a distraction from missing our dogs too much. I’m not joking when I tell you that about every 5 minutes we’d see a dog and get all mopey and pouty remembering that they are home without us.

I feel that way if I’m a plane ride away from Luna or just down the street at the grocery store *shrugs*. Since food was a good way to keep our minds off of puppies, I figured I’d shareI’d share some of my favorites from last weekend in the Big Apple because food is everything.

The Meatball Shop | This place has been all over the Instagram foodie world because its a new and modern concept restaurant, featuring an a la carte menu of various meatballs, sauces, and sides all from local and all-natural sources that are listed on the wall for you to see. Since its a fairly new place I assumed we would have a long wait to get a table. It was packed when we walked in but we were pleasantly surprised when we were told we’d only have a 20-30 minute wait (score). The special that night was a pepperoni meatball and spicy marinara so we got that and the classic meatball with class sauce to split along with a side of kale, because why not. And it came with bread thank God. I don’t think I could eat any form of Italian food without bread. Overall win in my book. I’m a sucker for meatballs and sauce.

| This is a small craft cocktail bar attached to The Meatball Shop. You walk through a small hall and find yourself in a similarly decorated bar (probably the smallest hippest bar I’ve been to) with only a handful of drinks with some of the best names I’ve ever heard of. “Becky with the Good Pear” and “Pool Boy” were the two we went with while we waited for our table to be ready. I liked how even though the main restaurant next door was packed, this bar was not crazy. They had maybe 4 or 5 small 2 seater tables but the remaining were bar height standing-only tables and the majority of the room was lit by candle light and neon signs from behind the bar. Needless to say it had a cute hipster vibe and I’m glad we stumbled upon it!

Serendipity 3
| When we first started planning this trip we put together a list of dessert places we had to have; Serendipity was Kellie’s. Their menu features basically all types of magical desserts for when you are looking to be gluttonous and eat your heart out. We ordered the Humble Pie Sunday to split which was basically a chocolate peanut butter pie with ice cream, hot fudge and whipped cream on top. PDG minus the fact that we felt so full we wanted to die afterwards.

Momofuku Milk Bar
| Before this trip I’d been eyeing this bad boy for months. When I took Steven to NYC 2 years ago we didn’t find the time to go here and ever since then we wished so badly we could have so I’m glad Kellie and I got to check it out. TBH you’re really only paying for the name because their classic cereal milk soft serve really isn’t all that fancy (mine was melting too quickly and didn’t have much flavor to it) but I’m still gonna shovel an type of ice cream I can into my mouth as fast as I can. I took a picture of this but somehow it got lost in the mix or deleted accidentally but if you google the name you will most definitely find their signature ice cream order that we got. I brought home a Compost Cookie for Steven too because I’m just the best gf there ever was.

Levain Bakery | This place had been on my list of “need to go to before I die” ever since I first saw them featured on a BuzzFeed article about NYC desserts. We popped in right before we lost our minds because of the rain and wind and picked up 2 of their classic chocolate chip walnut cookies. I’ve seen videos of people breaking one of these bad boys open on Instagram and always knew I wanted to try one but I can’t really explain just how magical it is in real life. It has now made my top 3 favorite cookies and I don’t even have any other favorite cookies, that’s how good it is. They give them to you freshly baked and warm in a bag, and because the location is super small we decided to take them to go to enjoy with some lattes at Box Kite Coffee, which is quite possibly the smallest coffee shop I’ve ever been in but cute nonetheless. The cookies were pretty decadent and even though I could have finished both in one sitting, we decided to save one for another day. I enjoyed the remaining cookie on the flight back to Houston and it was everything. EV-ER-Y-THING.

Little Collins | I drink coffee every day so it was no surprise that we hit up some of the cutest coffee shops once or twice a day to get our fix of caffeine and croissants. These lattes and little cookies from Little Collins were delish and hit the spot after a rainy walk through out the city. Just what the doctor ordered.

Rustic Table
| We walked around lost and confused trying to find this places in Hells Kitchen for a while but when we finally got there we were pretty pumped to be inside. It was hella warm and cozy inside and I never wanted to leave. Also oddly enough during this whole trip we were lucky that it never took more than 5 minutes to get a table, and the minute we were seated about 10 people would pop in and have to wait a while to be seated #blessed. We each got a flat white, and split the Nutella, peanut butter and banana croissant and also split the avocado and sunny side up egg on a baguette for brunch and it was the perfect amount of food.

B Side Pizza and Wine Bar | I had been to this place once before with Steven and knew I wanted to go again because I loved the interior: its a small (probably can only seat up to 30 people total) wood fire pizza restaurant with some of my favorite NYC brewery beers (Other Half brewery to be exact). Kellie and I couldn’t figure out where to go to dinner to meet up with my brother’s girlfriend so I decided pizza was the best (and only) choice. We got a classic margarita that the restaurant named “Marge” and the “Don Hon” which was a burrata, pineapple, ham, tomatoes and chili pizza and a side of roasted Brussels sprouts. All delicious and worth it.

Red Farm | This place is a Asian-American fusion restaurant that features all of the classic Chinese dishes but with a modern flair. They have two locations but we went to the one on the Upper West Side after a morning coffee date for lunch. We got a few orders of dumplings that did not disappoint!


Freemans | This was the last place we hit up for dinner while in the city. We planned to meet up with my parents for dinner one night and Kellie found this place online and it was the cutest! Its located in a back alley on the Lower East Side (you’d think that would be sketchy but it wasn’t once you got close enough to see the restaurant) in a converted colonial/wooden home of sorts; all the interior looked like it was the original hard wood floors and ship lap on the walls and ceilings and the second floor had plenty of bookshelves filled with old books. It was pretty charming. The food didn’t disappoint either. I didn’t take any pictures inside of the food because it was so dark inside but I did make sure to snap a pic with Kellie because the front of the building is too cute for words!

This was my first ever “girls trip” and it was a lot of fun even though it rained the whole time and was windy enough that our umbrellas inverted. Gotta thank the Gods that I wasn’t my normal control freak self while on this trip 😉 I am grateful to have a friend who’s world revolves around food just as much as mine does <3

Have you been to NYC? What were some of your favorite eateries?!




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