Wild About Wednesday Vol. 11

I sliced my fingertip this evening while prepping for dinner, so forgive me if there are any typos. I can’t really use my left index finger and am typing like the 59 year old men at my office; with like 2 fingers. I loe cooking but for some reason I go crazy fast (probably because I enjoy the eating part the most of the cooking) and end up either cutting myself or missing a step. I need to slow down not just in the kitchen but in life in general.

I have a tendency to rush through everything I do instead of soaking up the moment I’m in. I was thinking about that earlier when I was walking Luna: I will try to rush Luna through her walk as opposed to letting her enjoy sniffing her heart out or hunting for squirrels and the days that I do slow down a bit I’m so much happier and able to not only recognize but also remember all the cute and adorable things she does. My advice to everyone today who may be feeling like they have no time and need to rush through their daily tasks, don’t forget to soak up the stuff that can put a smile on your face! and I hope some of the below links for today’s Wild about Wednesday post are able to put a smile on your face, too 🙂

How Dogs React to Levitating Weiner | I want to do this to Luna, I feel like I would get a freaking kick out of it.

Levain Bakery Copycat Cookies | Ever since I ate one of these in New York City, all I can think about is warm, fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. I found this copycat recipe a few years back and I’m glad I re-found it in my ever-growing recipe bookmark list because I will be making these ASAP. This blogger at Modern Honey spent years experimenting trying to perfect and replicate this recipe to make the real-deal cookies.  She actually has a series of cookie recipes that intend to recreate other Levain Bakery cookies (double chocolate and peanut butter an oatmeal raisin, just to nam a few). I will report back on my findings after I bake these myself!

Using Snapchat filters on my Dog | I have found my new hobby, I don’t need to do anything else for the rest of my life. I was actually surprised it even worked on her in the first place because I could’ve sworn that Snapchat didn’t normally recognize dog faces BUT I ain’t complaining that it works now! The only problem is that the minute I take my phone out Luna turns away. I think she senses the camera and it makes her uncomfortable. Maybe I’m making that up. If I go on another hiatus from blogging regularly, you will know where to find me.

Puppy Cuddles | We recently started “inviting” Luna up onto the couch for an evening cuddle sesh or pre-bedtime nap and its making my heart melt. She is so grateful and happy to be sitting with me and I just want to never leave her!!!!

She looks so cute and majestic in that second picture. I’m sorry but she’s the cutest thing in the entire world. Maybe I’m just a teeny bit biased? My friends who don’t have dogs don’t get my obsession with Luna, because they can’t relate. They just think I’m overly obsessed and anti-social (they are not wrong) but I don’t really feel the need to apologize for being obsessed with my dog. I have a post coming up this week about this subject (I’m passionate about a LOT of stuff, but this one is one I’m super passionate about) so be sure to check back in later this week if you wanna hear me go off on tangents and talk about why dogs are just the best.

Ann Taylor 50% off EVERYTHING Sale | This is not dog related however today I made a trip during my lunch break to check out some work attire. Aside from the rude sales associate who clearly had something up her butt, I walked out happy that I had spent only $30, which for me is a feat. But then I went back to work and bought stuff online so scratch that. Anyway, if you are on the lookout for some good work clothes but hate spending a fortune, check it out before the sale ends! Code: SPRING50

Chicken Parmesan Meatballs | Ever since I ate those meatballs 2 Thursdays ago, I cannot stop thinking about them. All I want is meatballs. When I eat something delicious, I will crave it like crazy for weeks and want to eat it every day for every meal until I’m so sick of it I never want to look at it again. I don’t think that that will happen with meatballs because I have a soft spot for Italian food, but fingers crossed just in case. I found this recipe a while back on What’s Gaby Cooking and we loved it, so I think this will be making a reappearance this weekend. I’ve made a few recipes from What’s Gaby Cooking and have never been disappointed. I actually just made this Double Chocolate Banana Bread on Sunday and I could eat the entire loaf in one sitting and not even care if I wanted to throw up afterwards, it would be worth the pain and discomfort.

If you have any fantastic meatball recipes (and not just traditional Italian beef/sausage meatballs, I like the new and alternative meatballs recipes, too) please send them my way so I can drool over them every chance I get.

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