Wild about Wednesday Vol. 12

Wednesday is here. Hump day. Middle of the week. Only a few more days until freedom and an all new Wild about Wednesday post!

This past week has been a blur; I’ve had a gnarly cold and I swear any sickness instantly incapacitates me. It makes me the biggest baby and then I’m basically useless. I did however feel good enough this past Saturday to go for a nice bike ride with my friends to a rescue event for one of my favorites, Animal Justice League. They hosted a fundraiser of sorts and adoption event at Tacos A Go Go where a few breweries came to as well. For a $15 donation you got 3 beer tokens and all the puppy loving you wanted. My kinda event. While I enjoyed the sunshine and food, I didn’t enjoy feeling like crap when my cold caught up to me after I got home. SOOO once I finally felt better I made sure to hit up happy hour with my friend Kelley (different Kelly, I know, there are too many to keep track of).

Feeding my shopping addiction | Last week or 2 weeks ago there was a 50% off sale at Ann Taylor, and I snagged this shirt (above) and a bunch of other things for work. I love shopping!!!

Luna’s Smile | I haven’t seen this dog smile, like ever. Yesterday when Steven came home from work, she was so freaking excited and was smiling ear to ear. LOOK AT IT! She normally looks so concerned and sad because of her “eyebrows” furrowing all the time, so I had to take about 547 pictures of this adorable doggy smile. Forgive me in advance if I plaster this photo all over the blog, social media channels, my apartment, cubicle, car, etc. I might as well go ahead and get wallet sized pictures printed for my family and friends.

Jillian Michael’s Podcast | I’ve been listening to this podcast weekly for the past, gosh, I think its been 5 years now. I fell in love with it initially because of the health and fitness chat that occurs and the antics of the team behind the podcast, but over time started to really enjoy the mental health discussions that come up. This week’s episode really taught me a lot about how sometimes we may want to disown people in our lives for one bad trait they have, but you can’t throw the baby out with the bath water; one bad egg DOESN’T always ruin the bunch. Disclaimer here: I am not in any way educated on this subject but just from my own experiences, I can relate to the lesson being taught in this podcast.

My inability to adult | I wish I could hire someone to come fold my laundry after it is done in the drier. I take it out, put it in the laundry basket and immediately…don’t fold it. I leave it in the basket for maybe 3 weeks and just pull clothes out of it when I need them. My laziness has reached an all time high. I need help? I need help.

Raw Food Diet for Dogs | I’m so intrigued by this diet for dogs and ever since I started reading about it, I can’t stop. I actually started following a few Instagram accounts that share photos of dogs’ raw food bowls (@Perfectlyrawsome is my favorite lately). If i had an endless supply of money I would probably consider switching over to raw food for Luna, but there’s also so much planning that need to go into it. I like that kibble takes the planning out of it and I don’t need to worry too much if the kibble is covering all of the nutrients Luna needs, but with a raw diet I could see myself having to do a lot of research and planning ahead to ensure Luna is getting everything she needs. At this point I have literally no idea the breakdown of carbs, protein and fats that a dog needs to survive and be healthy but I started reading this article and although I’m not sure how accurate and up to date it is, I can get a general idea.

Baking Tips and Tricks | I found this little Buzzfeed cheat sheet of sorts for baking and considering we bake cookies nearly every week over here, I think I might as well print all of these out and tape them to our fridge for quick reference. I’m actually waiting for cookies to come out of the oven as we speak 😀 We decided to try out the Levain Bakery copycat recipe I mentioned a few weeks ago. Verdict? Just okay. No where close to the real thing 🙁

Couch Cuddles Gone Wild | Luna got a little handsy when we were cuddling earlier. Steven had to step in. I sure love this little pupper. She loves the smell of my moisturizer and always tries to lick it off!

Now that I’ve let get back on the couch, I don’t think either of us can change life back to the old way.

And one more thing just because its adorable | videos like this make me miss my mom and miss being a little kid!

This may be the longest ever Wild about Wednesday post I’ve ever written.

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