Wild about Wednesday Vol. 13

I used to be obsessed with the number 13. So its fitting that this is should be the BEST EVER Wild about Wednesday post yet! I played softball growing up and my number for SIX years on the same team was 13. It forever became my identity. I don’t really have an obsession with it anymore like Taylor Swift does (didn’t she write “13” on the back of her hand for every concert?) but when I think of it or see it I fondly remember the memories I had with it.

Anyway, in other randomness, I am baffled that it’s already May. Literally don’t know where the last 4 months went. As a child, the only thing I ever wanted was to grow up, be grown up, have money and freedom (lol) but now that I’m an adult (lol again) I am willing the days and months to slow down. Time goes by too fast. I want to be able to cherish each day no matter how crappy it is. Gotta live in the moment people! K now onto the random WAW shenanigans that you all come here for!

Know What You’re Feeding Your Pet | I found this to be pretty interesting because the FIRST THING I look at for any dog food or treat is the ingredient list! And this blog post from Taste of the Wild (the dog food I feed Luna) is suggesting that you should first and foremost look at the nutrients, not ingredients: “our furry friends require and thrive on nutrients, not ingredients.” I always read the list of ingredients because its a habit I do for my own foods, and assumed it was the right thing to be doing for my dog. I will most likely continue to do so for dog treats, because I refuse to feed my pup by products and random chemicals or artificial flavoring/additives theyI definitely agree with the latter half of the article in that we as pet owners should be focusing on the brand and that brand’s reputation, too. I didn’t even realize that some companies don’t even have an animal nutritionist on staff! This crap pisses me off, but I’m glad I’m supporting a brand that does and values feeding dogs REAL food.

Teaching Luna new tricks | Luna has this annoying (yet understanding) habit of barking and grumbling when she hears something outside of our apartment. I am okay with it during the night sometimes because if I’m asleep and God forbid someone was breaking in, it would be the only warning. Something we learned from our trainer last year was that although people normally don’t suggest crating your dog as punishment, it is sometimes beneficial to encourage your dog to go to their crate (if it is their safe space) when they are being stubborn or they are angry/uncomfortable.

The logic here is similar to sending a child to their room to think about what they did “wrong”…since their room is their “safe space” the same can apply to the dog. Luna thankfully has really taken to her crate and now will go to her crate on her own for naps and bedtime. Since she is pretty comfortable in there I started encouraging her to go to her crate when she hears someone outside the door of our apartment. Lo and behold, she now automatically will go to her crate while stifling her bark. She does occasionally require a bit more encouragement and sometimes will still bark or growl and run to the door, but I call it a success that I now don’t even have to tell her to go to her room and she just goes on her own! She makes me proud 🙂

Cuyana Satchel | I’ve been wanting to upgrade my purse for a while now, but I don’t want to spend my money on something that isn’t good quality leather. When I found this brand, Cuyana, I knew I’d end up picking one of their bags up but looks like I’m gonna have to save up because this puppy isn’t cheap! I think it’s pretty cute for work and every day life.

Nathan Running Belt | I originally bought this zip up Nathan belt so I could not use an arm band for my phone while running, and it ultimately became my phone/treat fanny pack for our dog walks. I sometimes feel like an idiot when I’m wearing it but oh well. I can’t help but call it a hands-free belt satchel because of all the times I’ve watched HIMYM. Hopefully some of you pick up on that reference. Also you have no idea how many treats it too to get luka to look at the camera. I’ve also recently picked up another type of belt for walks/running called the flip belt. I haven’t used it yet but it’s apparently a little more ergonomic in that you don’t notice it as much you’re wearing it. I’ll report back once I try it out!

Unfortunately I have jury duty tomorrow which I’ve never done before. And I have to leave the house at the butt crack of dawn so I can get a parking spot in the designated garage. Fingers crossed I don’t get selected! Hope you all had a good hump day!

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