Weekend Stuff, a dog bath and new treats to try!

This weekend’s weather has been BEAUTIFUL. I legit just wanted to sit outside with Luna and Steven and read a book…but just like every other day of my life, I get sucked into the tv or its too hot out to enjoy the sun for very long. I’ve debated getting a stake or tie out for Luna when we want to spend some time outdoors at our apartment complex but I’ll just add that to the long list of things I need to do but keep forgetting. Also, I have spent little to no time in the sun since its started warming up in Houston, and the one time a few weekends ago that I did, I ended up with a nice farmer’s tan sunburn and a peeling forehead. How beautiful. I need to slowly ease my skin back into the sun. Especially since we will be heading to Ocean Isle Beach, NC for 4th of July with my extended family. Every year without fail I end up with second degree (sun)burns even though I pretty much look like this when I put my sunscreen on. I usually resort to wearing a t-shirt over my bikini (so cute right?) or just sitting under an umbrella for a few days. Such is life.

This weekend was filled with tv, good food, and some training for Luna. I am slowly trying to incorporate more off leash training with her. One of my biggest fears would be her getting off leash somehow, and having poor recall and ultimately not coming back to me. So I’ve been unhooking her leash when we are in residential areas for our walks, and pretty much become a treat machine: I’ll give her the heel command over and over and let her walk ahead of me or go sniff stuff out and use the come command, too. So far so good! It’s helping me feel less anxious about her being off leash btu I realize the distractions we’ve been practicing with aren’t really that “distracting” so we have room to improve, as always.

Luna’s skin has been so flaky, dry and itchy the last few weeks. I can only assume its an allergy of some sort since it isn’t a normal thing. I usually first will give her a bath to see if it helps soothe her skin, so I brought her to Unleashed by Petco for a bath at their self-serve baths and for $10 you get to use the tub, water, shampoo/conditioner (which is an organic product I believe, cool!) and towels. She is dead scared of the loud af hair drying machine that looks like a vacuum so we usually skip that part 🙂

This was when the reality sunk in that yes, she would be getting a bath today. Oops?

There was a bit of a backup at the tub stations so we killed some time by wandering around the store checking out the treats. I was pretty surprised Luna didn’t take any of the treats (pig ears, bones, etc) out of the bulk bin (which is at dog height, makes no sense). I found a few treats there that sparked my interest and since I have to order some dog food from Chewy.com soon anyway, made the decision to add some new treats to my cart!

Missing Link Skin & Coat | So as I mentioned earlier, the dry itchy and flaky skin Luna has made me want to look into a supplement of some sort for her skin. I considered Salmon oil but there were so many that I didn’t really know where to start, so I saw that this powder like formula you add to your dogs food is rated REALLY well on Chewy.com. So I’ll let y’all know how that works for us!

Wellness Wellbites Lamb & Salmon | Luna is always going to love any treat I give her, but this brand has extra stinky ones so they’re more popular here. We normally get the Turkey & Duck and are switching things up with the Lamb & Salmon this time around!


We cooked up a Blue Apron tonight that was a pretty basic burger with a Sriracha aioli and red cabbage slaw. I’m a sucker for burgers of any kind so its rare you’ll find me complaining about it. I picked up a 6 pack last week of one of my favorite beers, Oskar Blues G’knight when I was forced by Steven to watch the NFL draft and have been making my way through the remaining ones whenever we have a good dinner planned. Mmm mm goooood.

Sundays are the worst for Luna and me in terms of activity; I get the day started on a good note with a long walk for her (and me) but as soon as grocery shopping is done, I am pooped and need a nap. This nap leads to meal prepping for the week and an extra hyper Luna who hasn’t gotten her second walk of the day. Ughhhh. We ended the day with a trip to the dog park to get out Luna’s Sunday zoomies, good life choice. One of these days I’ll bring our good camera to the park in hopes of getting an actual photo since homegirl moves too fast to give me any decent photo. Whenever we get back from a hot walk or a trip to the dog park and Luna is wiped out and panting, I’ll give her a kong with either frozen peanut butter or greek yogurt as a cold treat. She seems to like it!

Hope everyone had a yummy and fun weekend!


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