Wild about Wednesday Vol. 15

Hi hi! Halfway through the week! Thank God. Hopefully the next two days will breeze by and all your weekends’ will be filled with ice cream and doggy snuggles and sunshine!

This weekend Steven and I will be making the short (2 hour) drive to Austin to visit his sister, BIL and niece and (new) nephew who was born a few weeks ago, and his brother who will be in town as well. I love me some babies. Until you ask me to have my own and I’m like, ermmm no. Not yet any way. Right now babies are cute until I think about it being my own and I have to wipe its butt 😉 I am fully embracing the dog mom life since Luna can’t verbally reply to me unlike a small toddler who, if they are anything like me, will ramble on and on and the ripe age of only 2. Ergo, I soak up the baby time when we get to visit Steven’s sister and co.

I debated taking Luna with us and making a short trip out of it with some hiking in Austin while we are there, but since it’s a short notice trip, hotels are pricey. I actually took Luna on her first mini “hike” this past weekend with Travis (previously mentioned on this blog as another overly obsessed dog parent) and his 3 dogs. It was a bit 6-7 miles I’d say and Luna was Exhausted with a capital E when we got home. She was out of commission the entire day. We got to work on some of her off leash recall which always gives me a heart attack but y’know I really didn’t feel too anxious about it this time around. 

I’ve been wanting to take her to McKinney Falls (not sure if that is the correct name) in Austin since last year, but plans get in the way and I become lazy to pack us up, get on the road and it just hasn’t happened yet. But one weekend soon we will go! Mark my words. 

Waterlogue | I shared on my Instagram feed a photo of Luna that was run through this new app I found. It essentially turns your photo into a watercolor painting of sorts. Obsessed. Was it worth the $3.99? Probably not. But I’m an idiot. I will have to use the app more often to justify the $4 spent on it. Except to see more watercolor photos on my Instagram!

Bernie’s Burger Bus | Sunday night included a visit to our favorite burger joint. I got the Mascot which is a bison burger with arugula, a blackberry BBQ sauce and cheese. Steven is obsessed with their truffle fries so we had an order of those as well. Bernie’s originated as a food truck in Houston and has expanded into two or three brick and mortar restaurants that are very popular. If you are in the area, I highly recommend it!

Describe Yourself in 3 Fictional Characters

I found this “game” last year and never got around to assigning any characters to myself that represent ~me~. After some careful deliberation and brainstorming, I believe I have come to a final decision.

Speaking of Leslie Knope, she is literally my favorite character on a tv show aside from Andy from Parks and Rec.

Carry on Essentials @ Brighton the Day | I started following Brighton a few months back mostly for the fashion but occasionally she will post a random beauty or lifestyle post that is really different from the rest of her posts and they’re pretty awesome. She does a good job of organizing her posts, which is something I’m trying to work on. Formatting a blog post is not easy for me. I realize it can be a journal of sorts for some people, but I thrive on structure and organization, so when I go back and see my blog posts don’t have any theme or aren’t fluid, I cringe. A friend told me that I shouldn’t be too concerned about it because my personality tends to be all over the place, too, so my blog should be a reflection of who I am. Lol.

Anyway, this post was about what she deems to be *essential* when packing for a trip if you’re just using a carry on. The funny thing is that Steven and I JUST ordered and received our carry ons from Away Travel about 2 weeks ago, so the timing of this post was pretty good.  I’ve been wanting to get better at efficiently packing for long weekend trips but become really overwhelmed with what to pack, because I feel like I need everything I own to come with me. I think Brighton’s post laid out the details pretty well!

Lucy and Co. Bandanas | I found this company through other dog bloggers/instagram accounts and love love love the cute bandanas they have for dogs. I’ve never bought them for Luna in the past, but I think its only fitting for her to have some more fashion in her life since I am obsessed with clothes, too. I have a bunch of these on my wishlist!!!

New Podcast Recommendations! | I need to find some new podcasts to listen to, as my usual go-to’s only put out a new episode once a week. By Tuesday I’ve already run out of content to listen to! I used to listen to Jennifer Fulweiler show, as well as a few others but lost interest. Any recommendations? I enjoy health/fitness, beauty, drama/pop culture, and any cussing is appreciated. All the serious podcasts bore me!

Also it just took me this entire write up to realize I titled it volume 15 when I never shared volume 14 last week 😐 oops. 

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