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It’s a rainy Sunday night here in Houston, like flash flood rainy. Steven and I set out on a mission to Target for a few things (said no one ever) such as paper towels, new bathing suits for our upcoming beach trip in July (!!!) a board game or 2, and some candles. I have been getting kind of bored of scrolling Instagram lately (even I surprise myself sometimes) and wanted to find some games we could play as a couple and avoid being engrossed in my phone for too long. I am  HUGE fan of board games. We have Bananagrams, Ticket to Ride and Settlers of Catan, however the last two are 4+ players and we are antisocial and Luna doesn’t have opposable thumbs so we are on a mission for 2 player board games! Let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions 🙂 I actually have been wanting to buy What do you Meme? because sadly memes make me laugh too hard but this isn’t really the best game to play with only 2 people.

While this weekend was filled with lots of good food, long walks with Luna, and sadly a little bit of rain it was still a good time. As you can see Luna is still less than thrilled when the phone comes out for me to snap a pic, but another thing I wanted to note was how we’ve been using a retractable leash. I had been told a while ago by our trainer that its not the best idea for safety reasons, but I really only have been using it when I know its going to be low foot traffic on our walks (and not many dogs out either). I will say that its been a good way to train Luna’s recall while still on leash, too, which I’m always looking to improve.

After getting in a couple miles with Luna on Saturday morning, Steven and I went to the gym then made a big breakfast of smoothies and bagels and eggs since we knew we weren’t going to be eating much until we went to get BBQ later that afternoon. I got a haircut and as soon as I got home I realized how hungry I was so we made our way over to The Pit Room for a nice big late lunch.

Holy crap, this was some good BBQ. We got brisket, a beef rib, some venison sausage, street corn and coleslaw and had plenty of leftovers. If you are familiar with Texas BBQ already, then you know that there are probably better places in the state for the same types of meat, but for something that was quick and reasonably priced and close by, I will recommend The Pit Room! The outdoor seating was functional too with bar type seating looking out onto the street with fans overhead which was perfect since it was a million and one degrees outside.

Now lets change gears for a quick second, and get the elephant in the room out of the way. I haven’t really been blogging much lately, which I had mentioned in a few of my last posts. I’ve been feeling a handful of emotions about what I wanted to write about and wanted to also focus my energy on writing and blogging when I felt called to do so.

Sometimes blogging sucks. And I don’t mean that in the sense that I do not enjoy it. I find peace (in a cathartic sense of getting my thoughts out of my mind and down on “paper”) and sometimes joy in writing about my life (lets be real, I love talking and sharing details about me) however as I’ve developed my blog and style of writing/blogging, I find myself wanting to blog about a bunch of different topics. These topics are not irrelevant to my life; they are actually quite relevant. The problem I come across is when I find myself wanting to write about topics outside of dogs, fashion and random life ramblings, I make this assumption that they won’t be received as appropriate for my niche” of blogging. I’ve read on multiple blogging how-to sites that having your niche is what will help you develop a strong and faithful audience. These people keep coming back to your site because of your niche and the detail you give to it.

This is my “space” to share and write, I technically can write about whatever I want. Sometimes I do, its not like anyone who reads this blog comes specifically to read about the pizza I ate for dinner on a Sunday night. I think about some fitness blogs I started following almost 8 (heck, really, 8?!) years ago and because life changes and morphs as we age, so did their blogs. These health & fitness bloggers started writing about pregnancy, momming, travel, baby stuff, etc. You get the idea. And it felt pretty fluid because it was shared ahead of time and the niche they began with of “health/wellness/fitness” just easily worked with lifestyle/pregnancy/baby/mom life blog. I am certain that those same bloggers probably were a bit skeptical at first when beginning to write about new topics that did not mesh with their original blog mission or niche.

But you know what? I found myself still interested in those blogs; even though I initially became a reader because of the main blog mission, I came back because I became invested in their stories, lives, writing style and I believed in what they had to say. Some of them started sharing their latest fashion wants and baby toys and some of that wasn’t relevant tome personally (baby stuff) I was still intrigued and read on, and still do actually.

It’s fortunate that blogging can provide you with a platform to share your latest interests and thoughts, but also unfortunate that blogging for income requires us to (like any other career) keep our audience’s interests in mind. There’s a catch 22 to blogging or being an artist or any creative job: you can write and create whatever you feel called to write about. However you may not sell your product as successfully. I think there is a way to do both but I am still figuring that out 😉 I think a lot of it has to do with the passion and fervor you put into your work as well as the intensity and frequency with which you produce.

On a similar note, I have recently been listening to the Jennifer Fulwiler show on Sirius XM Radio, the Catholic channel and there was a recent discussion about “charisms” or spiritual gifts we are naturally inclined at that also bring us joy. The trick is, we only truly realize they are our charisms when we are open to God and making our best effort to be close with him. I am passionate about literally so many topics in my life and I have no idea what my charism would be. I know that you can look up a Called and Gifted workshop in your area and do some “soul searching” if you will on identifying the things that could be your charism, That being said, I ask that my readers (even if there are only 2 of you out there) can appreciate the fact that I want to only post when my heart is ready to share, so that the content I’m putting out there is of the best quality and has the most heart in it.


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