Wild About Wednesday Vol. 17? And Our Weekend in Austin!

Hi everybody! Long time no chat. And happy first day of summer!! Although it has been summer weather here in Houston for a few weeks now, I still love the idea of summertime because it reminds me of family time, freedom, sunshine, etc. It might REMIND me of freedom but I can assure you I have none of that (aside from weekends). In my freedom lately I have been enjoying time with Steven and Luna and just relaxing, but I was shocked when I realized I hadn’t blogged in over a month! So I have been MIA for the past month it looks like! Oops. Life gets in the way I suppose…anywho, I figured I would drop in and share our life lately + the usual Wild About Wednesday post. I started this post on Monday since I was working from home and had a little extra time on my hands while cuddling with Luna (which I sadly cannot do at work 🙁  so here is a little recap of our weekend in Austin and some fun links and things I’ve been digging! Long post ahead 🙂

Last Friday we left for Austin. We spent the 3 days there visiting some of Steven’s family (some family lives there and others that were in town) for his nephew’s baptism. It was a slight mix of touristy stuff + family time and relaxation, which is what I was expecting. I knew I wanted to bring Luna along for this trip because of how dog-friendly Austin is. I always hear about the amazing food and places to be outside and it seemed like a perfect opportunity to bring our pupper with us.

This was Luna’s first time in Austin and I had high hopes to do more “stuff” with her but the weather was ridiculously warm, almost too warm to go outside and do anything for more than 30 minutes at a time and not feel like crap. If I was concerned about my own comfort (and crankiness) in 100 degree weather, then I know Luna might not be too comfortable either. Steven and I have already decided to head back up to Austin when the weather cools off and make sure to enjoy more of the dog-friendly places in October.

The baptism was at a beautiful church and followed up by a family bbq and pool time. If someone was to ask my what my favorite summertime activity is I will 100% say eating burger and snacks and swimming. Later that evening we decided to meet up with one of Steven’s cousin’s and her pup at Zilker Park. Evening was really the only time when it was cool enough to enjoy the park, which is a very large park in Austin that happens to have one specific off leash dog park. Luna is not yet ready imo for that amount of freedom 😉 however I know next time we go I will ease up on my helicopter mom tendencies to let her run around with other doggies.

The view at this park is pretty spectacular because of the skyline, next time we will have our real camera with us and these photos of Luna won’t be blurry iPhone quality ha.

Each morning we would swing by Whole Foods to grab coffee and breakfast and take Luna for a short walk nearby. When there’s an ice cream statue near by you just can’t turn down a good photo opportunity!


Before we left Austin on Sunday we got dim sum with the family and made our drive back home to Houston. By the time we left Austin my apple watch said I had already walked 5 miles, meaning Luna did, too. So it makes sense how tired she was on the drive back! She passed out! And slept all evening even up through bedtime and into the morning.

We are working on a list of some of the places we are interested to try out next time we go to Austin but I can promise you that that list includes Gordough’s donuts!

Changing gears to some links and things I’ve found interesting lately!

Lucy & Co. | I have wanted to start a small collection/wardrobe for my Luna girl of bandanas and Lucy & Co. have some of the CUTEST options. I can’t spend too much time on that website or I will buy all of them. I love this one and this one!

TOMS Majorca Sandals | I saw these shoes on another blog recently and I think they are so cute and practical for more dressed up summer looks. I’m always looking for sandals that can go with anything from shorts to jeans to dresses and these fit the bill.

Bluemercury M-61 Powerglow Peel | I received a sample of one of these peels not too long ago when I bought makeup at Bluemercury, and I will say at first I was kind of skeptical. When I read the word “peel” I assumed I would wake up the next day with flaky skin peeling like a snake skin ha. I was pleasantly surprised though and ended up purchasing a pack of 30 on Monday. It acts as a quick exfoliate and toner that makes your skin glow. I am thinking about doing a skincare roundup/summary as an upcoming post so you will hear about these more then!

I recently was the recipient of amazing luck and on the way to work had to stop short and my purse flew forward, crushing the glass perfume roller that was inside of it, staining and ultimately ruining one of my favorite purses. So, now I am in the market for a new one! I can’t decide between replacing it with the same exact purse from Madewell or going for something different. Lately I’ve been using a crossbody purse because it is versatile, however I saw this Rebecca Minkoff hobo purse and I am obsessed. Price tag is a little high though so I wish I could find something similar, real leather but cheaper! Let me know if you have any suggestions!

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