I’m originally from New York (no, not New York City), a small town in the Hudson Valley. I studied Applied Mathematics and Statistics at Clarkson University in the tundra better known as the North Country of New York. I ran cross-country at Clarkson and grew to appreciate the winter as best as I could. Eventually I relocated to Houston, Texas to begin my career with GE Oil & Gas, which is where I currently live with my boyfriend, Steven, and our pup, Luna. Most of the time you’ll find me in sweats cuddling with the dog on a Friday night, but I love an excuse to get done up. I’m a junk food fanatic (give me all the cookies and ice cream); I have a love/hate relationship with working out; and retail therapy is my kryptonite.


Never in a million years did I think I’d be a “dog person”. Growing up, I always secretly prayed for a puppy on Christmas morning, but that never happened (totally not bitter about that one K). I figured when I was living on my own and was “grown up” I would find myself a puppy. In January of 2016, after basically what felt like months of pestering/encouragement from a dog-obsessed coworker, I decided to hit up a local pet shelter in Houston to “just to browse” (LOL). I stopped at PetSmart on the way there just in case and picked up a collar and leash. My apartment complex at the time had a restriction on certain breeds, so most of the dogs I saw that day were off limits. But then I saw Luna – and she was the only dog of the bunch not barking, just resting on her cot sulking. I knew instantly that she was going to be “the one”. I remember my hands shaking because I was so nervous. I took her out to play, and impulsively told the volunteer nearby that I was going to adopt this dog…and the rest is history.


I started this blog during a time in my life where I wanted to do more with my free time than binge watch How I Met Your Mother (although it may be too late since I’ve basically memorized every episode at this point). I’m a devoted dog mom and while most of my friends are probably sick of me talking about her, I am constantly inspired by my Luna girl and learning something new from her every day…hence the blog name: Vis-à-Vizsla (in relation to all things Vizsla!). I intend to share my lessons learned on this crazy ride of dog parenting, but also hope to sprinkle some tidbits of life along the way, whether that be fashion, food, personal finance or tips on how to make our furry friends happier. I hope you enjoy!