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Why I Won’t Apologize for Coddling My Dog

I read the following articles last week, both of which made me want to express my feelings/response as an overly obsessed dog mom herself, who enjoys coddling her dog more than the average dog parent. 14 Signs You Have An Unhealthy Attachment To Your Dog For the Love of Dog The first of the articles, […]

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5 annoying dog habits and how I fixed them

I have immense respect for all the people in the world who have patience. Like even a drop of it because I have none. I also have a tendency to over react to basically everything and assume the world is coming to an end so, yeah. Props to all the people who have actual human […]

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Dog Parenting 101

I like sleep. So almost every morning around 5 AM I can count on waking up because of this one dog that barks his head off when he goes outside with his owner for his morning potty break, you can likely guess how happy I am. Granted, we live on the first floor of our current apartment […]

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