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Wild About Wednesday Vol. 17? And Our Weekend in Austin!

Hi everybody! Long time no chat. And happy first day of summer!! Although it has been summer weather here in Houston for a few weeks now, I still love the idea of summertime because it reminds me of family time, freedom, sunshine, etc. It might REMIND me of freedom but I can assure you I […]

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Wild about Wednesday Vol. 15

Hi hi! Halfway through the week! Thank God. Hopefully the next two days will breeze by and all your weekends’ will be filled with ice cream and doggy snuggles and sunshine! This weekend Steven and I will be making the short (2 hour) drive to Austin to visit his sister, BIL and niece and (new) […]

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Rainy (yet delish) New York City Weekend

Hello hello! It has been entirely way too long since I’ve been here, mainly because I traveled last weekend with one of my girl friend’s to show her around my all time favorite city, New York! And upon my return back to Houston I’ve been enjoying relaxation a little too much. I’ve gotten my fair share […]

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